Avoid This Mistake When Building A Shipping Container Cabin

Shipping container cabin builders usually spend too much on their containers. This happens because they don’t take into consideration the cost to have the containers delivered to them.

In this post, I’m going to help you avoid this same mistake by showing you how to locate containers that are close to you. This will ensure that you keep your delivery fees to a minimum.

Building a container cabin requires a lot of planning and plenty of resources…

Overlooking what appears to be a simple step may end up costing you a lot of money during your shipping container cabin project.

At this point, I’m going to assume that you already have some property and you are now ready to purchase a shipping container or containers depending on the size and complexity of your container cabin project.

When you are ready to buy your containers you want to make sure you are only looking for containers that are relatively close to your cabin property. Shipping containers are expensive to ship, so buying one that is close to you will help you keep your delivery fees low.

Find shipping containers in these three places to keep your container shipping costs low…

The best place to find a container is at a port that is close to you

If you live relatively close to the ocean, you will probably have a port nearby. Ports usually have an abundant supply of shipping containers that you can use for your shipping container cabin.

Shipping Containers At Port
Stacked shipping containers at a port

You’ll more than likely have to purchase your container through a container supplier if you visit a port. Going through a supplier may end up costing you a little more than if you went through a private seller.

Buying a container from a supplier does have a few benefits…

Purchasing a container through a supplier is usually the fastest and most convenient way to acquire a container. The containers they sell are waterproof and come with a warranty.

You usually get a 1-year warranty on cargo-worthy containers and up to 5 years on one-trip containers. The warranties typically protect you against leaks (corrosion) and paint defects.

You may end up voiding your warranty if you modify your container…

You will need to modify your container if you decide to install windows and additional doors. It’s always a good idea to speak to your container supplier before you make any modifications.

You may be able to get an excellent deal on delivery fees if you go with a supplier. In most cases, a supplier has its own delivery service, or they work closely with another company. If you are lucky, you may even be able to get free delivery with your container purchase.

Do you live close to a port? If you do, you are in luck. If you don’t live close to a port, you still have a few good options to find containers.

Find shipping containers through local classified ad websites…

The majority of these sites usually have a search feature that allows you to narrow your search radius by entering a zip or a postal code.

Find Containers For Your Shipping Container Cabin Project Online
Find containers for your shipping container cabin project online

You should start with a relatively small search radius and gradually expand the range if you are not getting any results.

Posting a “Wanted ” ad may also increase your chances of finding a shipping container. You will probably have more responses if you post a wanted add closer to the weekend.

A lot of people don’t take the time to post a “For Sale” ad; instead, they just browse the “Wanted” section looking for people to buy the items they have for sale.

In your ad, you can state what price you wish to pay for your shipping container. In most cases, you will probably receive a lot more replies if you initially leave out the price.

You can always negotiate a fair price once the seller gets in touch with you.

The price you pay for your container will depend on a few things…

…which include the number of containers available in your area, the condition of the containers, and the size of the container.

You will probably end up paying between $2000 – 4000 for a cargo-worthy shipping container. You will end up spending a little more if you decide to go with a one-trip container.

One-trip containers have fewer dents, scrapes, and rust because they only made one trip across the ocean. One-trip containers are less likely to develop leaks early on, and that is why they come with longer warranties.

If you require additional headroom, you may want to purchase a high-cube container. The high-cube containers will give you an extra foot of vertical space. Most people usually go with these containers if they plan to have a finished ceiling.

Take a drive through commercial city districts to find containers for your shipping container cabin…

Most cities usually have a decent sized commercial district, sometimes these areas are hard to find. You are probably in the right spot if you see a lot of transport truck activity.

You want to take a drive through these commercial districts to find containers. Containers are usually plentiful in these areas, so you shouldn’t have to look too long.

A lot of companies in these districts usually have containers sitting in their yards collecting dust. In most cases, the business owners are generally more than willing to sell their containers to you – hopefully for an excellent price.

You should be able to spot a shipping container from your car quickly. Once you find a container, you can approach the business owner and ask if they will sell it to you.

At this point, you should have a good idea where you can purchase a shipping container. Now it’s time to find a mover to deliver your container to your property.

Do the following to find the best shipping container movers…

The first thing you need to do is call and get a quote from as many local movers as possible. You may encounter companies that refuse to give you a quote, and if this happens, you should ignore them and call the next mover.

You should aim to get at least six different quotes. It may be hard to do this if you live in a smaller area.

You now want to pick the top three companies based on price and do some additional research on them…

You want to find a moving company that has a good reputation with reasonable delivery rates.

Research Your Local Shipping Container Movers
Find the best shipping container movers by doing a little research

During your research, it’s a good idea to look over the reviews the company has. You should be able to find lots of reviews if you do a search for the company online.

People like leaving reviews, so if you don’t find any reviews on the company, you should probably consider looking at the alternatives.

You should now have one company that stands out from the rest…

You should now ask the moving company if they can give you a better deal than what they originally quoted you. If they say no, at least you did your research and you found a good, reliable, and trustworthy company.

Doing some additional research can save you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars on shipping container delivery fees.

In conclusion

You should now be able to find a reasonably priced shipping container with a reasonable delivery fee. Remember to get a few quotes and do some research before you decide on any particular delivery service.

Delivery fees can be drastically different between companies, so please take the time to do this step. Don’t forget to also look over the reviews from previous customers.

The money you save on this step can go towards buying better doors, windows, or fixtures for your shipping container cabin.

If you are considering converting a container into a hunting cabin, you may find my shipping container hunting cabin post helpful.

P.S. Can you think of any other creative ways to find shipping containers? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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