8 Interesting Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. To keep up with this change people are looking for alternative ways of living…

People are starting to use shipping containers as homes because they offer a budget and eco-friendly alternative to stick-built houses.

Shipping container homes are fantastic because the ceiling, floor, and walls are already complete. This will save you money on building materials. The money you save can go towards other parts of your home.

A shipping container home is fully customizable. An architect will help you design your home. You should try to find an architect that has experience developing beautiful container homes.

An architect may seem like a significant expense, but a good architect will save you a lot of time and money. Building a shipping container home should be a fun and enjoyable project.

In the following paragraphs, I will reveal to you the main benefits of shipping container homes…

Shipping container homes offer a modern way of living

Soon to be homeowners are sick and tired of the standard way of living. Most people no longer want a 25+ year mortgage that comes with a traditional stick-built home.

Shipping Container Homes
Shipping container homes have many benefits

Millennial’s do not want to have the same lifestyle as their parents used to have. So they are instead looking for more modern and sustainable ways of living.

Some people may consider shipping container homes a downgrade, but they are actually an upgrade towards a more stylish, eco-friendly way of living. Your peers will consider you a pioneer if you decide to build a container home.

You may have heard of the “tiny home craze.” With a container home, you can become part of this growing trend. You will enjoy a modern way of living that your neighbours will be jealous of.

Shipping container homes are typically cheaper than traditional houses

An adequately designed shipping container home will usually cost a fraction of what you would pay for a stick-built home.

A cargo-worthy shipping container for your home will cost between $2000 – 4000. One-Trip and high-cubed containers will cost you a little more money.

High-cubed containers are suitable when you require more headroom. The high-cubed containers will give you an additional foot of vertical space.

You can usually build a shipping container home for 1/3 of the cost of a traditional house. The complexity of your design will determine what you will pay for your home. Therefore, a single story container home will probably cost you between $30,000 to 50,000.

The foundation for your home should be ready before your container arrives. With the foundation complete, you can place your container on its foundation the same day it arrives.

You can quickly move a shipping container home

A shipping container home is an excellent option if you plan to move frequently. You may want to avoid attaching the container to nearby structures. This will make it easier to move when the time comes.

You may consider building a new home in certain situations. Shipping containers are usually costly to ship, so if you are going to move overseas, it will definitely be more cost effective to build again.

Shipping container delivery fees can be considerably different between companies. So when you are ready to move make sure you call around to get the best delivery rate. By shopping around you can save hundreds and possibly thousands on delivery fees.

Shipping containers are strong & durable

Shipping containers can withstand a severe storm at sea so a container home can handle most weather conditions on land.

By having a shipping container home, you’ll get to enjoy a durable, stable, and robust house that can withstand most weather conditions.

You should speak with an architect and an experienced builder if you live in an area that gets hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding.

An architect will help you design a home suited for these extreme weather conditions. A container home may be cheaper, but you still want to protect it the best you can.

The structural integrity of a container will become compromised if you remove steel for windows and doors. This will require additional supports to ensure the container home remains structurally sound. The additional supports usually include wood framing.

An architect may request that you attach your container home to your foundation. This will more than likely be necessary if you live in an area that gets extreme weather.

A welder usually attaches the container to the foundation with a strong weld.

Cargo container homes can be eco-friendly & extremely efficient

By reusing a cargo-worthy container, you will be reducing your carbon footprint…

Steel requires a lot of energy to melt and re-purpose it. You will not have the same impact if you use a new shipping container for your home.

You can make a container home more eco-friendly by selecting the proper insulation for your climate. An appropriately selected insulation will help reduce your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Containers are bad for condensation, so you want to keep that in mind when selecting your insulation. Moisture in a container home can cause all kinds of problems. The biggest health concern is mould.

You can reduce your carbon footprint further by using solar panels and possibly wind turbines. Wind turbines can be loud so they may not work if you have a smaller property.

solar panels
Solar panels make shipping container homes more eco-friendly

Personalize your container to suit your needs

This is the most sought-after benefit of shipping container homes. With a container home, you have absolute freedom to personalize it the way you wish.

You can create a unique budget-friendly design that complements your style. The money you save on building materials can go towards building a beautiful interior & exterior design.

Most container homeowners cover their outer container with cladding. This cladding will make your container home more visually appealing to both you and your neighbours. In addition, Cladding will also help extend the life of your home.

You may decide not to use cladding if you like a more rustic look. It’s still a good idea to paint the container to prevent it from rusting.

It’s always a good idea to treat rust spots as soon as they appear. A little preventative maintenance will extend the life of a container home considerably.

Containers help keep the pests out

Cargo ships have lots of pests wandering around. This is a big problem, so containers help protect the cargo from unwelcome guests.

Rodents can only enter a container if it becomes damaged. This usually occurs through the floor and the door…

A container door has heavy-duty seals that prevent rodents from entering the container. These seals usually dry out and develop cracks over time. It’s important to inspect the door seals before you purchase a container.

Rodents may also enter a container through the floor if it becomes damaged. In normal circumstances, rodents avoid the flooring due to the insecticides.

Shipping container homes are quick to construct

These modern, tiny homes are very fast to assemble. Contrary to popular thinking, building a shipping container home is relatively easy.

You want to first get in touch with your city to see if you can build with containers. After you get the OK, you will want to get in touch with an architect and a home builder. The architect and builder will work together to create your home.

You can also build your own home if you have the experience. This will save you a lot of money.

You will have to prepare a foundation before your container arrives. The delivery company should be able to place the container on the foundation.

The remaining work will require many skilled workers. This will include a welder, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc.

You can also have your home built off-site and delivered to you. This will cost more money, but it is the easiest. You can be living in your home in a few short days…

This is truly amazing compared to a traditional stick-built home. Which can take months and some times a full year to build.

In conclusion

As you can see containers are excellent building blocks for any home. With proper planning and a modest budget, you can have a home in a short amount of time.

If you decide to build a container home, it’s essential to contact your city beforehand to see if you can use containers to make your home. Depending on where you live you may not be able to build a container home.

P.S. After reading this post do you think you will build a container home? Let me know in the comments below…

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